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Finding The Best Perfume Scents

Searching for best scented perfumes can be a tricky business. But one that's just oh-so-rewarding.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of scent you want. Most people wear a signature scent, one that characterizes their personal style and identity. It can be something exotic, something luxurious, something sweet, something woodsy, something citrusy — it all hangs on your preferences and personality. If you're undecided on what kind of fragrance to pick, it's helpful to pay attention to which smells evoke pleasant memories for you. That might be the key to finding you best perfume scent.

Once you have an idea of the overall vibe for your fragrance, study its notes closely. Most fragrances have top, middle, and base notes — individual components that together comprise the perfume. Top notes make up the first impression of the scent and tend to be light and fragrant, like neroli, bergamot, or lavender; middle notes are where the heart of the scent lies, with notes like cloves or rose; and last are the base notes, which provide lasting impressions and usually comprise of bolder and deeper aromas like sandalwood and musk.

The best-scented perfumes often come either as eau de parfums (EDPs) or eau de toilettes (EDTs). EDPs are more concentrated than EDTs, and they'll last significantly longer on your skin, but they'll also be more expensive. Likewise, EDTs will be more affordable, but you'll need to top up your scent every now and then.

The Best Perfume Scents Speak For Themselves

Here at Dossier, we take our perfume seriously. We're all about making designer-inspired perfumes featuring the same high-quality, clean ingredients found in prestige scents, but at a price that's actually attainable. Plus, our scents are 100% non-toxic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free — meaning you'll never have to compromise wellness for the best perfume smells. So sit tight and take note of these standout elixirs from our ever-expanding collection. From citrusy, bright top notes and sweet, floral heart notes dousing the skin in spicy warmth, to the deepest, richest accords that linger in your own personal space — these are the best perfume scents we have to offer.