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Lily Perfume

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A Millennium Of Lily Enchantment

The lily (unrelated to lily of the valley) is arguably one of the most widely recognized and beloved flowers on earth. Cultivated thousands of years ago for their beauty and aroma in the Middle East, Egypt, China, and Crete – these showy, brightly colored flowers (although most people perceive them as white) have commanded attention through the ages. But are their colors really the secret to the lily’s timeless appeal? Perhaps there’s another reason, like its unique shape which resembles a trumpet. Or maybe it’s because a lily symbolizes purity and innocence. Or perhaps – just perhaps – it’s because of its intense, intoxicating aroma that dominates every room it graces.

What does lily smell like?

The scent of a lily perfume defines luxury and power – a scent that showcases influence and authority from the heavens above. Truly, there’s nothing that a lily fragrance won’t enhance, be it poise or sophistication. Entrancing and heady; rich and sweet – oh how the lily smells! It’s undeniably indolic in nature, like so many white florals (jasmine or gardenia, come to mind). But it’s so much more than that, too. As well as the typical heady floral scent we’ve come to expect, lilies can have nuances of honey, soap, grass, and spice. A very multi-faceted floral note, to say the least – complex, but in the best possible way.

Lily is usually used in feminine perfumes as a dominant top or heart note. You’d find it most often contrasted with a spice backdrop or perhaps an earthy, musky base. That said, many perfume houses also offer their own unique interpretations of the lily via a range of gourmand and tropical scents.

Make Every Day A Special Occasion With Lily Perfume

There’s something about lily perfumes that just exudes effortless elegance. They’re expressive, too – and can bring out a wide range of emotions, from the sweet notes of innocent love to the lingering aromas of goodbyes. Whether you’re looking for something delicate or vivacious, there’s definitely a lily perfume out there for you.

Add some vivacity to your perfume collection when you pick up a bottle of lily fragrance from Dossier. We offer free shipping on every purchase of three items or more. And if you’re still unsure which perfume or cologne is for you, just take our quiz! Plus, if you’re not thrilled with your fragrance order, you can always send it back for a full refund, thanks to our risk-free returns policy. Shopping for perfume has never been easier – or more affordable. Find your perfect lily perfume at Dossier today.

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