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Green Tea Perfume

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Lose Yourself In Refreshing Green Tea Scents

Green tea has a contemplative quality – much like the drink itself. No one ever downs green tea like water. It’s always sipped, enjoyed with a smoothness rarely matched. In the same way, green tea notes impart a smooth, pleasant quality to our favorite natural fragrances – one that’s best enjoyed in small, delicate doses. Perhaps on a spring morning when the air is still fresh and new.

Green tea can be used to create toasty, floral, fruity, brisk, and even chestnut-like scents. We typically see green tea paired with citruses, for instance, orange and bergamot, as they go exceptionally well with green tea’s refreshing and uplifting properties. Green tea is also often blended with floral and aromatic spices (the likes of cardamom, clary sage, and nutmeg).

How To Wear Green Tea Perfume (And Make It Last Longer)

Dab instead of rub – Rubbing ruins the perfume’s scent by breaking down its molecules. Rather than rubbing your wrists together, lightly dab perfume on them and let them dry naturally.

Apply on pulse points – Spray the fragrance on your pulse points, such as behind your ears or wrists. This will help it last throughout the day. You can also apply it to your hair, behind the knees, and on the insides of your elbows.

A little goes a long way – Certain perfumes are so strong and complex that when you spray too much, it can quickly overwhelm you and others around you. A good rule of thumb is to spray two to three times and wait. Some perfumes smell subtle at first but may dry over time to produce stronger scents.

Our Favorite Green Tea Perfumes

Creed’s Silver Mountain Water comes out on top for best green tea fragrance for men and women. Its white bottle of contemporary marine scent captures the strong, playful feeling of snowcapped mountains with a perfect marriage of milky-sweet blackcurrants balanced by green tea, bergamot, and sandalwood. You might also like Guerlain’s Les Voyages Olfactifs 03 Paris-Tokyo. As its name suggests, the fragrance exhibits the beauty of a distinctly Japanese aesthetic, incorporating green tea scent to create a refreshing, woodsy aroma. Floral notes of violet and jasmine combine with the delightful scent of green tea, while relaxing notes of hinoki wood and vanilla complete the fragrance. And then there’s Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. An undeniable summer blockbuster, this fresh herbal citrus features a refreshing mix of lemon, bergamot, jasmine, amber, musk and, of course, green tea.

If you’re looking to try out a new perfume, don’t settle for the same old scents that everyone else wears all the time. This time, try something with a little green tea twist. Dossier offers a pleasant selection of all-natural green tea perfumes, from gentle, fresh scents to muskier, sultry ones. Our fragrances are 100% vegan and natural, so you can use them guilt-free, knowing they are good for you and the environment – a true win-win when it comes to olfactory satisfaction.