Coconut Perfume

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What does the coconut perfume note smell like?

There’s a beguiling freshness to coconut that immediately summons up visions of sultry, sun-drenched days. The coconut scent used in perfumery is a rich, creamy perfume oil infused with pleasant warmth. It can convey so many different sensations – from sweet, milky, and dulcet to spicy, toasted, and buttery – depending on the concoction it’s mixed with. Traditional combinations like coconut and citrusy floral, for instance, make for a more summery, tropical aroma, while less common blends like coconut milk and vanilla give off a smoother, more luxuriant scent.

Our Favorite Coconut Perfumes

Coconut fragrances are perfect for hot days and balmy nights, giving you a taste of the tropics wherever you are. Here are some of our favorites (many of which inspired our own creations!):

Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum perfectly captures the seductive and sultry character of coconut. The scent features a heady blend of white florals such as jasmine, tuberose, and ylang-ylang, accented by subtle hints of spices and pistachios. Its sultry warmth will banish winter blues while bringing you a fresh sense of sun-kissed optimism – provided you have the budget for it, that is. Those who enjoy Maison Margiela’s Replica collection will also adore Beach Walk Eau de Toilette, an exhilarating coconut scent with a marine twist. Beach Walk features a creamy coconut accord with tropical ylang-ylang notes and a punchy, citrusy opening (courtesy of fresh bergamot and lemon). It’s possibly one of the better light coconut fragrance options given that it only comes in an eau de toilette. Also, if you’d like a coconut-scented perfume you can wear to work, try Versace’s Crystal Noir Eau de Parfum. Black pepper and spicy ginger kick off this sensual and enticing fragrance. Coconut and gardenia combine in the heart notes, while a woody-amber accord softens the pace.

Other notable coconut perfume mentions include Creed’s Virgin Island Water  – a spicy-citrus blend with vanilla, tonka bean, and coconut; as well as Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Eau de Parfum, a Barbados-inspired mix of coconut cream with a hint of patchouli and peach.

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There’s nothing quite like the tantalizing scent of coconut to transport you to a place of sunny skies and sandy shores. It’s the ultimate scent of relaxation. And now, with our collection of coconut perfumes, you can enjoy that paradise-like feeling any time, any place. Forget the expensive designer coconut perfume blends at retailers like Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Ulta, Target, Walmart, and more. We’ve got the best coconut fragrances right here, and they’re all under $50. Shop now.