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What Does Sage Smell Like As A Perfume Note?

Sage has a distinctive herbal aroma with earthy, woodsy, and warming notes. As a member of the mint family, it’s no surprise that it also comes with its own set of soft and mildly peppery nuances.

With its unique properties, sage is one of the most versatile ingredients in natural fragrances. Perfumers primarily value it for its ability to help balance out other notes in a perfume. Always a supporting character, sage never actually gets the lead role, but is always a welcome addition to whatever concoction it finds itself in. The scent works well with masculine, floral, or even more gourmand combinations – notes like bergamot, ginger, lavender, lemon, neroli, rosemary, and vetiver to only mention a few.

But what are some other uses for sage?

While sage smells amazing in a bottle, its usefulness extends far beyond plain perfumery. The plant also has a long and illustrious history seeped in its extraordinary medicinal properties. The ancient Romans believed sage had antiseptic properties and used it to treat sores and wounds. They also used it to help in the digestion of fatty foods. During the Middle Ages, the Chinese also began to appreciate the medicinal benefits of sage, and still use it today in treating digestive ailments.

Today, sage leaves are also used in teas to help promote brain function and improve sleep. Plus, it’s antioxidant-rich, which is good for the skin. Some studies have even shown that sage can significantly lower the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

Best Sage Perfumes You Can Find Today

Sage’s aromatic, herbal scent creates a sense of calm, peace, and comfort. If you’re looking for something grounding, this is the fragrance for you. Here are some of the best sage perfumes you can find today.

First on our list is Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver Eau de Parfum. This fragrance opens up with a spicy, citrusy aroma filled with fresh sage before settling into a woody base. A distinctly mature scent for events that call for a little more sophistication. Exuberant and spirited, there’s also Jo Malone’s Wood, Sage & Sea Salt Cologne. This fragrance combines earthy sage with the freshness of sea salt sprays. Wear it every day for an air of quiet confidence. Additionally, die-hard sage lovers will appreciate Byredo’s Green. Sage, petitgrain, jasmine, rose, and violet blend together to create a quintessential spring scent – perfect for a casual date night or a fun evening out with friends.

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