Neroli Perfume

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What Exactly Is Neroli?

Neroli is an essential oil or essence obtained by steam distillation from orange blossoms, derived from bitter orange trees. You’ll often find it used as a top or heart note, largely due to its volatility and the fact that it does not stay on the skin very long.

Neroli by itself has a sweet and sparkling aroma with a tinge of spice. And thanks to its subtle lavender and green facets, it never ever feels too heavy. Though it still manages to offer tremendous complexity and depth. For this reason, it blends very well with other oils such as citrus and florals. Neroli also adds this delicate quality to any formulation that is hard to find anywhere else, making it a favorite ingredient among perfume houses when creating unisex fragrances and colognes.

What Are Some Popular Perfumes with Neroli Notes?

It can be hard to find an aroma that appeals to every sense. Some people want a rich, luxurious cologne, while others may prefer a more subtle scent that blends discreetly with its surroundings. There never seems to be a fragrance that falls right in the middle, perfectly suited for all occasions.

Neroli seems to be an exception to that, however. This scent is fresh, sweet, and floral, and seems to be welcomed wherever it goes. In fact, we think neroli is one of the most versatile and easy-to-wear fragrance notes around. In that regard, here are some of our favorite neroli-based fragrances for every occasion.

Our list begins with one of the most popular neroli perfumes on the market today, Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum. With a delicate neroli flavor and zesty citrus fruit notes, this is the perfect summertime combination for lazy days sipping cocktails on the beach. Women interested in a signature neroli perfume will definitely enjoy Le Labo’s Neroli 36 Eau de Parfum. Featuring mandarin orange, rose, and jasmine, this scent comes across as more floral and slightly muskier than your typical neroli fragrance. Warm, sensual, and wonderfully pleasant. There’s also Jo Malone London’s Basil & Neroli Cologne, another decidedly feminine fragrance tailored to the classy, modern, and spirited woman. A blend of green basil, neroli, and white musk with vetiver at the base – this concoction is sure to add a floral touch to your look. Our final mention goes to Diptyque’s L’Eau de Neroli. Here, the French perfume house’s take on neroli seems familiar, with a citrusy note interspersed throughout. It is exceptionally gorgeous for summer, but also suitable for any other time of year.

Where to Buy Neroli Perfumes?

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