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Jasmine Vanilla Perfume

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Why are jasmine vanilla perfumes so intoxicating?

Jasmine is among the most popular blooms in the fragrance world. Along with rose, it’s also one of the oldest perfume notes. And if you’ve ever smelt jasmine, you’re probably well aware of how intoxicating its scent is. It’s heady, intense, and almost hypnotic – an aroma that immediately captures attention at first whiff. Vanilla is no olfactory small-timer, either. There’s a reason why vanilla is arguably the most versatile scent on earth. It’s a little sweet, a little earthy, but deliciously gourmand.

So what happens when you pair the two together? The answer: an intoxicating, seductive, and utterly captivating fragrance that’s impossible to resist. Jasmine brings its signature sultry qualities, while the vanilla provides a sweetness and creaminess that tones down the powdery, more heady aspects of the flower and adds to its charm. The final result is a jasmine vanilla scent that’s both sensual and comforting – the ideal scent for intimate, late-night summer adventures.

Perfumes With Jasmine-Vanilla Notes

Jasmine and vanilla are some of the most used notes in perfumery. It’s no surprise, then, that they’re often used together in perfume compositions, often in tandem with other vivid floral scents. One such fragrance is Le Labo Fragrances’ Jasmin 17 Eau de Parfum. Equal parts feminine and sensual, Jasmin 17 is an effortlessly chic, modern floral scent consisting of jasmine sambac, neroli, orange, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. Not too floral and not too sweet, this is a great soft option for those who enjoy jasmine and vanilla yet don’t want anything too overdone.

Offering orgasmic indulgence for the senses, there’s also Viktor& Rolf’s Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum. This blend of jasmine, rose, cattleya, patchouli, and vanilla is lush, sweet, and floral to the core. In other words, a true jasmine vanilla perfume that will have you smelling like a bouquet of flowers for days. Other notable jasmine vanilla fragrances include Tom Ford’s Soleil Neige Eau de Parfum, featuring notes of bergamot, jasmine, carrot, rose, and vanilla; as well as Jo Malone London’s Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne, infused with jasmine, marigold, and ylang-ylang, accompanied by a warm amber and vanilla base.

Find Jasmine Vanilla Perfumes At Dossier

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of perfume inspired by the sweet indolic notes of jasmine and the warm coziness of vanilla. Both sophisticated and playful, this perfume pairing is perfect for any woman who wants to feel feminine without being too heavy-handed. So step forward with your eyes closed, and prepare to be lulled into a fragrant, sensuous reverie. Shop now for your favorite jasmine vanilla blends at Dossier – inspired by the greatest perfume brands and crafted with the finest French ingredients at a price you’ll love.