We develop our own alternative of some of the most famous fragrances on the market

Dossier is your go-to destination for scents that have the same allure as the brand names, but at a much fairer price point.

We Pride Ourselves On Having Three Major Goals When You Shop With Us


We Strive For Fairness

We want to provide luxury perfumes for all. And yes, we mean all, not just the select few who can afford to experiment with high-end perfume. In other words, we are the fair alternative to traditional luxury perfume brands that have put their customers last for decades. We're here to provide you with the unique opportunity to build an expensive perfume collection full of affordable, top of the line perfumes you'll go wild for.


We Value Quality

Concerned with Quality? Don't be. With Dossier, you can collect all the dreamy scents that you've been lusting after, without ever concerning yourself with the quality of our perfumes. At the end of the day, ensuring you're wearing only the best of the best is our top priority.


We Encourage Play

The smell of freshly laundered sheets in the morning. Warm apple pie baking in the oven. And embrace from someone you love. Undeniably, scent has the power to shape our memories, feelings and emotions. We acknowledge this power, and encourage everyone to embark on a journey of experimenting with scents that stir the imagination. Whether that come by way of a fresh new scent, or by way of an old favorite, we want to make this discovery of scents accessible.