Almond Perfume

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What does the almond note smell like?

Biting into an almond, the first thing you notice is its crunch. After that comes a sweet, buttery flavor that melts on the tongue, leaving behind a sweet and milky taste. It’s a distinct, nutty flavor that just about anyone (perhaps only save those with nut allergies) will enjoy.

Fortunately for us, almond perfume oil has just about the same scent. Nourished and silky smooth, the almond note used in perfumery is sweet, powdery, nutty, and slightly bitter. It has a very gourmand profile overall, with a very edible quality.

Almonds are versatile, too, and are often found in perfumes that fall within the smell-good-enough-to-eat range. The combination of almond and vanilla (or caramel), for instance, produces an olfactory sensation so delicious it’ll make you want to lick it off your own skin. Luminous as it is, almond also goes well with the fresher, vivacious notes that we see in spring. Think fresh florals or juicy fruits.

Our Favorite Almond Perfumes

We love (and are inspired by) Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Eau de Parfum. This sensual, evocative almond fragrance for women is born of delicate jasmine and heady tuberose. Coffee, cocoa, and tonka bring a seductive, darker side to this fragrance, only to be usurped by almond as it comes in toward the end, bringing with it an extra touch of vitality.

We also like Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry Eau De Parfum. Here, the cherry is the undisputed star. But almond plays a significant role too. After all, it’s one of the key ingredients used in recreating the cherry scent used in perfumery. And just when you think that it can’t get any better, along comes vanilla and tonka bean, adding yet another layer of heavenly flavor.

Also, don’t miss Michael Kors’s Wonderlust Eau de Parfum. This is a super smooth, super sweet perfume with a floral heart (powered by a heady blossom of heliotrope and jasmine). And while there is musk somewhere in here as well, it isn’t excessive. Instead, the American fashion brand wisely made the call to let the sandalwood and almond milk pair take the lead at the end, glowing in all their smooth, creamy glory.

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