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Magnolia Perfume

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What does magnolia smell like?

Magnolia is known for its sweet, floral, and citrusy aromas. It oozes sweetness and freshness not uncommon among its white floral cousins. It’s certainly an evocative aroma, and one that would pair well with sunny blossoms such as ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, violet, musk and osmanthus. Magnolia’s scent is less opulent than most other white flowers, however, and instead features touches of spicy and musky undertones. This gives it a unique and alluring aroma that many people find irresistible on their skin.

This unique combination of floral and spicy notes that waft from a bottle of magnolia-scented Eau de Parfum is also, in some ways, a distillation of all that spring stands for. The best magnolia fragrances bring out the graceful, lovely smells of the flowering season, teasing us with a glimpse of the warmer days yet to come. They evoke vivid visions of delicate feminine beauty, the comfort of a cozy home, or simply even lazy days spent lounging in the sun, sipping on cocktails and enjoying the company of good friends.

Unfolding The Many Layers Of Magnolia

Interestingly, magnolia exhibits a few different olfactory facets. First is its sweet, flowery essence: a beautiful, voluptuous note (one that draws many similarities to jasmine). Yet, there’s also a slight herbaceous vibe somewhere along the way – similar to that of lush, green foliage. We don’t mind the duality. In fact, it’s very much welcome, as it lends the flower an additional layer of depth and complexity.

On top of all that, Magnolia has a distinctive aroma therapeutic quality – primarily because it boasts the highest linalool alcohol content of any scents. Linalool is a natural compound said to promote restfulness, and with its scent diffused into the air, magnolia can help restore a sense of wellness and vitality, calming both mind and body in the process.

Shop The Best Magnolia Perfumes Online

Spring is just around the corner, and if you’re like us, you’re already planning your scent closet to coincide with the warmer weather. This year, instead of getting your regular dose of magnolia perfume from your usual shop – why not try a far less expensive, better-quality alternative instead?

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