Fig Perfume

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A Deliciously Edible Scent

If there’s one fruit that’s been around for a long time, it’s got to be the fig. The low, bushy fig tree (Ficus carica) originated in Ancient Asia Minor before later being spread across the Mediterranean to warmer climates such as Northern India, where it flourished under the warm, sun-drenched climate.

The black fruits shaped like a teardrop and about the size of a tangerine. It’s small but has tremendous flavor. It has a sweet, honey-like taste, packed with hundreds of crunchy yellow or white seeds inside the flesh – simply delicious. It’s so sweet, in fact, that long before sugar became widely available, figs were commonly used as sweeteners in desserts, liqueurs, and many other culinary preparations. Even today, some modern chefs still use figs as a healthier alternative to sugar in their dishes.

The fig perfume oil is derived from the extracts of fig leaves or the dried seeds of the fruit. The most evocative fig fragrance strikes a delicate balance between the warm and cool tones of both components, somehow managing to recreate exactly the sensory pleasure of biting into a sweet, ripe fig on a crisp autumn afternoon.

What does fig smell like in perfumery?

Little compares to the taste of ripe, fresh figs plucked from the tree and eaten right away. And while we can’t have fresh figs all year round, thankfully, we can still smell them in perfumes. And what a smell it is! Figs smell like nothing else. Honey-sweet, milky-creamy – definitely grassy and green with a touch of bitterness. It’s a scent that’s both decadent and complex, capturing our imaginations and transporting us to faraway places: to exotic Asian or European bazaars, or perhaps even back to the Ancient Olympics when figs were awarded for rare displays of physical prowess.

The fig perfume note is intriguing, to say the least, and offers a lot to explore. But it’s also quite versatile. Some of the best fig perfumes, for instance, combine the succulent fruit with floral and woody elements to incredible effect (such as in Jo Malone London’s Wild Fig & Cassis). The fruit also smells fantastic when paired with citruses, musks, and other green scents.

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