Coffee Perfume

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The Scent Of Freshly Brewed Coffee

Coffee in perfumes falls right in line with what you’d expect: Dark, rich, slightly acidic, and highly aromatic. It’s a smoky and earthy scent, with hints of sweet spice undertones. Along the way, you’ll likely also notice hints of tobacco and liquor.

Among the things we love about coffee notes is that they impart a roasted quality to the fragrance. The perfumer can then use this roasted coffee note to produce a range of olfactory sensations that flit between bitter and sweet. And with the right pairing, coffee can actually take on a whole new dimension, becoming fruity, chocolatey, and even floral.

Our Favorite Coffee Perfumes To Enjoy

There’s perfume for just about everything these days, but if you’re in the mood for something a little darker, then look no further – coffee perfumes are just what you need. If you love a good aromatic brew, you’ll definitely fall in love with these rich, comforting coffee fragrances.

Let’s begin with a classic, Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium, where coffee, patchouli, and vanilla combine to form a cappuccino-like fragrance you can’t miss. Adding to the coffee-driven gourmand composition are hints of fuzzy pink pepper and bright white flowers. Next, be sure to check out Bohoboco’s Coffee White Flowers. Bringing out the richer, more confectionery side of coffee through cocoa, golden rum, and vanilla – this scent is an excellent choice for the sweet-toothed coffee devotee. On top of the cocoa bean goodness, you’ll also find a warm sensation derived mainly from cinnamon and cloves. Also try Lush’s Cardamom Coffee, a sort of a dark roast blend infused with sweet roses. In essence, a traditional coffee fragrance packed with spices as well as a powerful scent.

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Coffee is practically a necessity for the majority of us at this point. It’s hot, steamy, and gives quite a kick to the senses. In other words, the perfect drink to start the day. But better still, what if there was a way you could enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee anytime throughout the day?

Well, now you can. Get that first-cup-of-the-day feeling with Dossier’s hand-picked collection of the best coffee perfumes. Rich, smooth, and addictive, these bottled-up coffee scents will leave you feeling energized and refreshed all day long, just like that very first cup of coffee in the morning.