Know your perfumes

At Dossier, we're all about keeping things simple so we can focus on what matters most: providing you with alluring scents.

We broke down scents into four major categories: Floral, Oriental, Fresh, and Woody.

You'll notice all our scents are named using some combination of these categories.

This way, you're clearly able to identify the scent categories you’re drawn to.

The only thing to be aware of is that the numbers next to the scents simply denote different fragrances, and have nothing to do with the strength of the scent.

Need a refresher on these scent categories? Let's discuss:


Like a bouquet of flowers fresh from the garden, floral scents are feminine, light, and perfect for everyday use. 


Bursting with warmth and sensuality, oriental scents are easily identifiable by their amber undertones. If you love spicy scents with a dash of exotic flavor, Oriental scents are for you.


Clean and light, Fresh scents are universally loved. Often rich in citrus and fruity notes, Fresh scents bring an invigorating flavor to your collection. 


For a burst of scent that will remind you of the great outdoors in all the best possible ways, Woody dominates. Often earthy and moody, Woody scents add a dash of natural flair to any scent collection.