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As a man, what better way to explore your masculinity than to sport a luxurious men’s perfume? From awakening your inner verve to spicing up your outward appearance, a solid men’s fragrance provides all the inspiration you need to take on the day (and night) and win. We’ve rounded up five brands behind some of the world’s best-selling, most critically acclaimed fragrances for men. Take a look.

Perfume is without a doubt the head honcho of all cosmetic products. The alluring traits it exudes and the images it conjures are like no other. The best unisex fragrances draw significant cues from Mother Nature’s beauty and delve into the intrinsic inclinations of both men and women alike. We’ve put up a list of some of the best unisex perfume brands ever created. Let’s get started.

In the mood for delicacy? Or maybe something much more daring and opulent? Dossier's exquisite women's perfume collection has something for every woman: from a tender eau de toilette to the most luminous eau de parfum.

Get the scent you've always wanted for just a fraction of the price. Whether you already know what scent you want or you're curious about something different — your search ends here with us.

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Men Perfume

Christian Dior

With its label plastered on some of the world’s most iconic men’s perfumes, Dior is the perfect gentleman’s companion. It fuses some of the freshest florals with some of the sweetest spices into fragrances that are both timeless and alluring.

Take the Dior Homme Eau de Cologne for example. It is a signature scent that transports its wearer to the serene landscapes of the Mediterranean. If you crave power and nobility, Dior is the brand for you.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s men’s perfume collection is a quintessential take on the beauty and vitality of nature. It is the olfactory equivalent of confidence, vim, and vigor. Aromatic top notes mellow into romantic middle and base notes in each and every bottle. The results are addictively intoxicating fragrances – and ones that linger on the skin for hours.

Whether it’s the Acqua Di Gio Absolu Eau de Parfum or the Armani Code fragrance, a rich and intense experience is guaranteed each time Giorgio Armani is involved.

Tom Ford

A long-time fan favorite, Tom Ford is one of the most influential names in perfumery. Every last one of its entries has the ability to imbue any man with power and energy. The real self meets the ideal self with every spritz. It’s a tale of style and originality.

Tom Ford’s men’s perfume brand was created to help men amplify their individuality and unearth their inner glamor – and it has fulfilled its purpose.

House of Creed

Taking strong cues from nature’s vintage glamor, Creed’s men’s perfumes provide a superior olfactory experience. They are a piece of the designer world – and ones that grant a warm feeling of wealth and splendor.

A calming stroll on the pristine white sands of Sugar Beach – that is the kind of sweetness stored in Creed’s fragrances. It’s no surprise, then, that Creed’s perfumes are among some of the world’s most sought-after. Think strength. Think heritage. Think Creed.

Louis Vuitton

An olfactory version of what it means to be in a big time, Louis Vuitton is nothing if not a true classic. LV began exploring men’s perfumes in 2018. The aim was to concoct a scent around men’s innate tastes for freedom and pioneering sensibility.

That resolve birthed breathtaking discoveries like LV Orage, LV California Dream, and LV L’Immensité. Louis Vuitton is the perfume brand for the man who seeks self-revelation.

Dossier: Affordable men’s perfumes

If you’re down for a fair alternative to these luxury men’s perfumes, Dossier is the best choice. Our brand was founded out of a desire to make premium fragrances accessible to everyone. We offer modestly priced luxury men’s perfume dupes that empower you to make your own choices. Get one of our replicas today and sneak a peek into the world of opulence.

Unisex Perfume

Le Labo Fragrances

Le Labo Fragrances isn’t a multiple award-winning perfume brand for nothing. It is an awe-inspiring take on addictive and sensual florals. Only the most charming notes are used here: the loveliest tops, the sexiest middles, and the sweetest bases.

The overall effect is a fragrance collection that walks the line between resolution and actualization. This modern classic is an apt choice for anyone who wishes to smell like the alluring airy coast of Esperance.

Jo Malone Colognes

A staple in the world of aromatic white thyme unisex perfumes, Jo Malone has something in store for everyone. It’s an exciting expression of elegance and excellence – and one designed to conjure images of the bubble-gum pink waters of Lake Hillier.

Discover fresh notes like basil, lilac, iris, thyme, and bergamot. Jo Malone is the brand to wear if you wish to rekindle your senses like a rush of fresh sea breeze.


Providing some of the most seductive ingredient combinations, Chanel has secured its place as one of the most famous unisex perfume brands in the world.

It’s an addictively seductive, lively, and sparkling oriental scent collection that reflects the beauty of the goddess Venus. Think of the Chanel Paris Deauville, Paris Venice, or Paris Biarritz perfumes. Every entry is a star classic – and one that exudes authenticity, self-confidence, and success.

Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren perfume line prides itself on being a collection of love, connection, and intimacy. Offering some of the most delicious floral-fruit note blends, Ralph Lauren’s unisex fragrances are ideal to mark special occasions.

From the Sage Eau de Parfum and the Vetiver Unisex Perfume to the Oud Eau de Parfum and the Amber Perfume Spray, this brand is a glamorous aromatic campaign. Think of it as an exquisite olfactory escape to the breathtaking coastlines of Cabo San Lucas.

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton unisex perfume collection honors the brand’s dedication to gender-neutral elegance. It blends some of the chicest notes into fragrances that can trap anyone in a circle of sensory escapism.

Always stimulating and beautiful, the experience this collection provides is akin to the lovely atmosphere around the rich green accords of Hallerbos. Even the bottles are evocative. They’re uniquely forged to resemble majestic radiance.

Regardless of skin type, time of day, or weather conditions, Louis Vuitton scents imbue you with the mysterious sensuality you desire.

Dossier: Fancy yet affordable

For those eager to experience these miraculous unisex perfumes but are on tighter budgets, Dossier has got you covered. We’re a perfume brand created out of the need to make premium quality fragrances accessible at fair prices. Our products are essentially luxury perfume dupes that invoke a proud, royal-like feeling. If you wish to give us a try, visit our shop and take your pick.

Women's Perfume

What are the top women's perfume brands in 2022?

The most popular women's perfume brands know how to encapsulate a woman's sensual side — whether it's with a flirty scent, a fierce fragrance, a timeless classic, or a playful concoction.

Here at Dossier, we love and are inspired by the likes of Chanel, Armani, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Le Labo, and many more. These timeless women's perfume brands have become the inspiration for everything we create.

Choosing the Best Women's Perfume

Finding the perfect perfume can feel a lot like picking out the right outfit for a first date. It's a daunting prospect. After all, the fragrance you wear speaks volumes about who you are

Some scents are more appropriate for everyday casual use, while others are bolder and better suited for occasions such as dinner parties or formal events.

If you are going to buy perfume online, make sure to pick the right kind of scent family, the composition of the right notes, the most appropriate type for your skin, and of course, buy from the right online store!

Understanding Perfume Notes

Just like musical notes in a song, fragrance notes are the individual components that come together to form a unified, pleasing perfume. The right note composition is a powerful force to be reckoned with. When paired right, it enhances your presence and brings out your inner beauty. Here’s a quick primer on perfume notes.

Top notes. The top notes are the first ones you will notice as you apply the fragrance. These notes are crucial to setting a fragrance's tone and shaping its narrative.

Middle notes. Middle notes retain some of the top notes while bringing in new scents to add depth to the composition. Any perfume is considered incomplete if it doesn't contain these middle notes (or "heart").

Bottom notes. Eventually, the middle notes fade, leaving only the bottom notes (or base notes). These notes are the foundation of any perfume and are usually heavy, rich scents that linger well past the first hours since you applied the fragrance.

Choosing a Women's Perfume That Lasts the Longest

A perfume's concentration is the key to its longevity. Perfumes or colognes with a high concentration of fragrance oils have a more potent scent and last longer.

For instance, an eau de parfum formulated with 15% concentration will always last longer than an eau de toilette, which contains about 10% concentration on average. A body spray, on the other hand, will have a shorter lasting effect when compared to an eau de toilette.

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