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Ambery Vanilla
Inspired by YSL's Black Opium

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Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz

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Vegan | Cruelty-free | Clean ingredients

Ambery Vanilla opens with a hint of pear mixed with a hidden note of licorice. Next, it evolves into highly qualitative notes of orange blossom and jasmine flowers, warmed up with deep vanilla and black coffee.

Sensuous and yummy, Ambery Vanilla is a multi-faceted fragrance that starts off bright and gourmand, evolving into an intoxicating floralcy with warmth.

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Ambery Vanilla

For The Woman Who Has the World at Her Feet

According to our history books, the original Opium was born in 1977, fueled by Yves Saint Laurent’s fascination with the Orient. But what they also tell us is that the fragrance was an astonishing success. It flew off shelves everywhere. Sales figures were beyond astronomical, reaching stratospheric heights never seen before. It’s safe to say that this was, at its time, the most popular perfume in the world.

And now, it’s back. And completely reimagined for the modern woman. This newer, modern reimagining comes in the form of Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium, which was released in the fall of 2014. The fragrance was developed by Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Honorine Blanc, and Olivier Cresp. And sure, it isn’t a new formula by any means — the creators simply gave it a contemporary twist. Nonetheless, the result is still an equally (if not more) intoxicating scent, one that rivals the original in every sense.

Black Opium is a warm gourmand perfume whose beauty is as seductive as its name suggests. The fragrance is supported by an enigmatic advertising campaign, calling empowered women everywhere to step forward. It speaks directly to the strong woman of today, inspiring her to live a life that’s vibrant and brimming with confidence. And it’s a call many are answering, too — if its commercial success is anything to go by.

YSL’s intoxicating Black Opium Eau de Parfum begins with a burst of orange blossom right upfront. Immediately afterward, you get slight notes of adrenaline-rich coffee beans, followed by a hint of refreshing pear. Near the middle, the fragrance reclines into the softness of white flowers, giving the fragrance a firm calmness that befits the young, elegant woman that wears it. Nearing its base, Black Opium dries into a warm, coffee-tinged gourmand scent with a sticky musk that wraps around creamy vanilla bits. It’s yummy and oh-so addictive.

YSL’s Black Opium is a sweet, dark fragrance with a somewhat bitter edge. It’s not a subtle experience by any means, with a scent that constantly projects a sense of raw power and control. In other words, this isn’t a scent meant to be worn passively.

In its original form, YSL Black Opium comes as an Eau de Parfum. The original EDP is also available as a gift set. For a more potent brew, you might want to look at the YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense. If that isn’t enough for you, perhaps you’d be pleased to know that a certain Black Opium EDP Extreme exists. This is a darker version of the original with fewer sweet undertones.

Black Opium is a real rush to the senses. Infused with white flowers, smooth vanilla, and invigorating coffee, it’s everything we’d dared hope for in the modern woman’s perfume. We can’t get enough of it; so much so that its undertones became the inspiration behind Ambery Vanilla, our own YSL Black Opium dupe. Sensuous and yummy, our replica is the perfect scent for the woman who has the world at her feet.

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