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The powdery family includes fragrances offering a comfortable skin-like effect, reminiscent of a veil or the powder one might use in cosmetics.

Unlike other fragrance families, there isn’t a note or raw material named "powder". Powdery is more of an effect than a well-defined family. Most typical powdery accords are made of a combination of orris, violet, rose, heliotrope, musks, and vanilla.

On occasion, these powdery notes come together to create an almost lipstick-like scent. Powdery fragrances are generally feminine, and have a comforting and clean vibe to them, giving you a scent that would likely indicate you pamper yourself with great hygiene. At the same time, you’ll find the scent could be perceived as seductive.

Powdery Hawthorn (inspired by Tom Ford’s Metallique) is good illustrations of powdery fragrances.

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