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Tuberose Perfume

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Ruler Of The Night

Tuberose is a white, waxy, insignificant-looking bloom that really comes to life after dark, when its heady scent is at its most powerful. In some cultures, the fruit was considered forbidden due to its strong nighttime scent, which many believed lured young, innocent women into temptation. Tuberose perfumes frequently resemble thick, sweet, and sensual concoctions – explosive scents that hit you all at once. So it comes as no surprise that while tuberose is generally found in the heart (or middle) notes, its trail is so pronounced that it often lingers near the base notes, too.

The fragrance of tuberose also carries a hypnotic quality that is both sultry and calming. Not surprising, considering how powerful an aphrodisiac tuberose is – much like the rest of its white floral cousins. Perceptive noses might also detect greener, almost medicinal notes, as well as a very sensual and carnal smell that highlights the more animalic parts of the scent.

Tuberose Perfumes Through The Times

Tuberose came to prominence for the first time ever in Piguet’s Fracas, created in 1946 by master perfumer Germaine Cellier. Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower, conceived by Dominique Ropion, followed in 2005, and quickly became one of the most iconic fragrances of the brand to ever represent the flower. Tuberose reigns supreme in this classic perfume, its powerful scent embellished only subtly by coconut, jasmine, orange blossom, and melon. Also released in the same year is Diptyque Do Son, a tuberose-infused fragrance accompanied by jasmine and orange. Do Son also carries a marine accord interwoven throughout, with sensual vanilla rounding things off. A particular highlight of this scent is how the tuberose complements the vanilla, adding sweetness on top of sweetness without being overwhelming.

As the perfume industry continues to evolve, perfumers are constantly exploring new possibilities with white floral absolutes, including jasmine, rose, gardenia, and – of course, tuberose. Jo Malone London’s Tuberose Angelica, introduced in 2014, is a great example. Beautifully fresh yet creamy smooth, tuberose shines in all its white floral glory throughout this fragrance, tempered with notes of amber and woodsy undertones. After that, 2017 brought us another gorgeous tuberose perfume, Estée Lauder/AERIN’s Tuberose Le Jour. This floral musk concoction opens with orange and neroli, followed by jasmine sambac and tuberose over a woodsy base.

Shop For The Best Tuberose Perfumes

Whether you’re looking for raw, unfiltered sensuality or a dash of flirty charm, Dossier offers a tuberose Eau de Parfum or cologne fit for every romantic occasion. Inspired by your favorite fashion brands, our curated tuberose fragrance collection will have you falling in love with this truly opulent floral treat faster than you can say ‘tu-be-rose’. So, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect scent for your skin today.

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