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Floral Lavender

Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by YSL's Libre
(Retail price: $130)
This scent is: A sunny citrus surprise
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(Inspired by YSL's Libre)
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Perfect dupe for YSL Libre

I already have YSL libre, but I use it all the time and I don't want to keep repurchasing my bottles. The dossier bottle smells exactly alike and has the same quality. The bottles have a sturdy & luxurious feeling, and the magnetic top are absolutely divine! Olivia J.

Heads Turn

I absolutely LOVE this perfume but I didn’t want to spend an arm and leg to get it every time. Thank you Dossier. Now I can get my favorite fragrance at a fraction of the cost.Sarah R.

Puts me in a good mood

A touch sweeter than YSL Libre but I don't mind. Love wearing this on a rainy day.Emma L.

This smells identical to YSL Libre

10/10 recommend! I’m so happy I gave this scent and dossier a try! Identical to the designer at a fraction of the cost!LaShea C.

I love this perfume

It is my favorite of Dossier. I recommend this perfume if you want a soft flowery smell, it lasts a long time too! This perfume smells just like YSL Libresofia c.


Smells just like YSL LibreMerchelia B.

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Most asked questions

Q: How long will the fragrance bottle last?
A: This depends only on your usage habits. On average a 50ml bottle, used one time a day, lasts about 2 to 3 months.
Q: Are the fragrances tested on animals?
A: None of our products are tested on animals. We are PETA certified -
Q: What is your return policy?
A: Returns are always free. You can return any items that you don’t like within 30 days after delivery and we will refund you the full price. Nevertheless, we don't refund the shipping costs (if you order less than 3 products, otherwise it's free).
Q: I have a question about fragrances, can I talk to you about it?
A: We’ve got people who love chatting about all things fragrance related, email us at help@dossier.co to get a quick, personal reply. Don’t worry—we check it constantly.