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Everyday Perfumes

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The Best Everyday Perfumes That Last Throughout The Day

The best everyday perfumes should be able to go with any work outfit or smart-casual ensemble. They usually come with notes that are soft and gentle, perhaps even calming. They’re typically light enough that we can also layer them with other perfumes to achieve a more complex scent.

For a mild-mannered everyday fragrance, vetiver perfumes are a good start. Vetiver tends to be fairly unobtrusive and is generally well-liked by most. Consider starting with something light, such as Dior’s Eau Sauvage with its top fruity notes combined with rose and a warm base of patchouli, amber, and – of course – vetiver. If you’re looking for something with more sensual notes, you might enjoy Jo Malone London’s Black Vetyver Café, a woody-spicy scent with an earthy coffee blend. Also featuring a consistent, punchy vetiver, this is one of the best everyday perfumes for winter in our book.

Perhaps you’d like to start the day with a little zing. In that case, consider Bleu de Chanel, which open with a soft citrus which then reclines into this jasmine and white musk finish. Or simply put on Gucci’s Guilty and let the day fly by in style. This iconic fragrance is hard to ignore, with notes of pink pepper, mandarin orange, bergamot, and blackcurrant. Want to make a stronger statement? Yves Saint Laurent’s Libre is the perfect answer. This sophisticated and daring floral scent is infused with lavender essence, Moroccan orange blossom, and a grounding musk. Almost ethereal, undeniably sweet, and incredibly fresh — this is a fragrance that will turn heads all day long.

Speaking of floral, there is no escaping the queen herself, Gucci’s Bloom. This hyper-feminine fragrance features exotic tuberose shimmering with bright jasmine. It’s easily one of the best everyday perfumes for women to wear, especially during the warmer summer days. Mojave Ghost by Byredo gives off a very similar vibe. Its comforting rose/violet bouquet is neither too sweet nor too floral and makes for a modern fragrance that would work just as well for everyday use as it would for a date night.

With regards to perfume concentrations, we recommend going for an eau de toilette. Unlike parfums or eaux de parfum – which are often overpowering – eaux de toilette are gentler and, in our opinion, better suited to casual everyday wear. They also last long enough throughout the day, even with just a few spritzes on the skin.

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