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Perfume For Sensitive Noses

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What notes/scents are suitable for sensitive noses?

In lieu of forgoing fragrances altogether, those with sensitive noses can instead opt for more natural scents designed to be gentle, soft, and most importantly, forgiving on our noses. And luckily, there are many options available. Our favorite perfumes for sensitive noses generally come with subtle floral notes (perhaps lavender or orris root) – a common enough characteristic, especially among women’s fragrances. Some of them may also feature quiet, warm notes (think musk, vanilla, or sandalwood) much like those you’d find in many masculine perfumes.

What are the best ways to experience perfume for sensitive noses?

When it comes to perfumes, less really is more (and this applies to all types of noses). While fragrances do help us relax and can be great mood enhancers, too much perfume can quickly become obnoxious. Even more so when in close proximity to others. So, when you apply, do so judiciously. You’ll find that having less fragrance on your skin won’t irritate your nose as much or cause other unwanted reactions.

While we’re at it, we’d recommend those with sensitive noses to always go for eaux de toilette (EDTs) over more concentrated eaux de parfum (EDPs). Sure, EDPs will last longer, but they also contain heavier molecules that are more likely to irritate the nose. So, it’s better to steer clear of them and opt for lighter, less concentrated options instead.

If you absolutely must have the biggest, baddest powerhouse-type fragrances (you know the kind we’re talking about – the sort that will blow your nose off. Perhaps YSL’s Black Opium or Chanel’s Chance), you’re not entirely out of luck, either. Here’s one trick you can use. Rather than spritzing such a powerful perfume directly on your skin, spray the air in front of you instead. Pause for a second, and then walk through it. We often refer to this as the walk-through method. Using this, you can dilute the scent while keeping it from being overpowering. An additional tip for those with delicate nostrils: do this on your balcony, patio, or anywhere outside. You don’t want the scent to linger in your room any longer than it has to.

Smell The Difference With Dossier’s Nose-Friendly, Natural Scents

If you do have this sensitivity to fragrance, Dossier’s perfumes may be the perfect choice for you. Discover our collection of all-natural perfumes for sensitive noses, guaranteed to leave you smelling gorgeous without compromising your health and well-being. Plus, Dossier provides a completely risk-free policy. Bought a fragrance that you later realized doesn’t sit well with your nose? Simply return it for a full refund. Shopping your way to a nose-friendly fragrance has never been easier.