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Very Romantic Perfume

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What are the most romantic perfume ingredients?

Scent and romantic attraction are inextricably linked. Among the perfume ingredients we associate with love and romance include: rose, jasmine, lavender, magnolia, tuberose, oud, and sandalwood. There are, of course, more, but these are the most common. Together, they are ideal ingredients for a luxurious love potion that delights the senses, promotes positive feelings, and sets the mood for romance.

White flowers such as roses, jasmine, lavender, magnolia, gardenia, and tuberose offer the most romantic bang for your buck. This is because these white flowers contain indole, a natural aphrodisiac that adds depth and sensuality to very romantic perfumes. Plus, in addition to their sensual qualities, their scent is also great for promoting feelings of calm, contentment, and total relaxation.

Oud is a rare, precious resin from the heart of the agarwood tree, and also one of the most valuable (and expensive) perfume ingredients available. The scent is smoky and incense-like with animalistic and leathery properties. This unique fragrance profile means that oud has this captivating sort of beauty that seduces both men and women, making it the perfect finishing touch to an already very romantic perfume. Whether it’s a delicate floral fragrance or a woody, masculine cologne – a touch of oud can provide that extra bit of je ne sais quoi to complete an intimate evening.

Besides its aromatic qualities, oud’s fragrance is also remarkably long-lasting. This is due to the note occupying a much lower (base) position within a fragrance, as opposed to the fleeting citrus-flower top notes commonly found in lighter blends. Exceptionally rich and complex, expect this note to linger on the skin all day (or night) long.

Since ancient times, sandalwood has been revered for its sensuously serene scent, engaging the senses while simultaneously calming the mind. The sweet and rich nature of sandalwood makes it the perfect fixative for the floral and woodsy notes we commonly find in very romantic perfumes. Apart from being incredibly romantic, the oil also has this calming effect, and is often used in aromatherapy as an aphrodisiac.

In the end, whether you’re looking for something sweet and seductive or earthy and enigmatic, we’ve got you covered. So step into our world of very romantic perfumes – inspired by the best luxury brands around – and find your new swoon-worthy scent.

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