Spring Fragrance

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What does a spring perfume smell like?

Spring fragrances are often fresh, new, with a strong green appeal. They should perfectly reflect the flowery, fruity qualities of the season as well as a new sense of energy and enthusiasm for life.

Floral fragrances are among the most popular scent families that meet these criteria and are therefore incorporated into many well-known spring perfumes. These scents usually smell like fresh-cut flowers (think rose, lavender, jasmine, violet, etc.) or tend to have a slight powdery note.

A spring fragrance can also vary in sweetness, often coming with fruity or just fresh undertones (perhaps a slice of zesty lemon or juicy Mandarin orange blossom). Spring fragrances can also be spicy, like Marc Jacob’s Daisy Spring Eau de Toilette with its iconic pink pepper and matcha mix.

But a spring perfume may not necessarily be floral. Alternatively, it can be woodsy or musky – scents that remind you of the great outdoors as the weather warms. Imagine the aroma of rich and tasty notes such as vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, and even oakmoss. A great example is Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum, a spring fragrance that takes a page directly out of the sletter’s playbook. Featuring citrus oils and gorgeous floral accents – this is everything we want in a perfect spring fragrance for him.

Why should I switch to a spring fragrance?

Perfumes have an olfactory profile that can change drastically based on their environment. This is especially true between seasons where temperatures can vary dramatically, thus altering the scent we apply on our skin.

Warmer climates, in general, give off scent better as molecules move more quickly under warm conditions. Consequently, scents are much more noticeable. Because of this, whenever spring rolls around, it’s a good idea to adopt a lighter scent – something airy that doesn’t smell too heavy or overpowering.

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