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Raspberry Perfume

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Infused with a tart sweetness, raspberry perfumes satisfy our craving for the sunny fruits of summer while adding just the right amount of sweetness to our lives. Whether for yourself or as a gift, a bottle of raspberry perfume is sure to please. Discover Dossier’s raspberry fragrance collection today, and enjoy free shipping when you grab more than three bottles in a single purchase.

Raspberries are sweet and fruity, rich and tart – a tiny bit more sophisticated than your average berry – yet just as juicy. Some people may describe it as ‘rosy’ owing to its strong floral essence (not out of place at all considering that raspberries technically belong to the rose family). Your interpretation may vary.

Fruity Brown Sugar Inspired by YSL's Mon Paris - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance

Raspberry Perfume

How do I choose a raspberry perfume that lasts the longest?

A perfume’s longevity determines its lasting power and is an important factor to consider when shopping for a raspberry perfume, or any other perfume for that matter. A fragrance’s longevity will change according to its concentration. So, if you want your raspberry fragrance to last, choose one with a higher concentration of perfume oil. For instance, an Eau de Parfum typically contains 20% perfume oil concentration, which makes it an obvious choice for long-lasting perfumes. Meanwhile, an Eau de Toilette’s concentration hovers around the 5–10% mark, making it less ideal for long-lasting wear.

What are the best raspberry-scented perfumes?

Raspberries can be found in a wide range of fragrances, from sophisticated musks to sultry, dark florals to luxurious ambers. Here are the best raspberry perfumes you can find today.

We begin with Lancôme’s Trésor Midnight Rose. This pleasant combination of raspberry and white flowers starts out strong and heady but soon settles into a sultry musky wood base. Overall an enchanting and dreamy blend, reminiscent of the smell and feel of the air on a nocturnal stroll through a moonlit meadow. Lending a little popstar power to the humble raspberry fruity family is Ariana Grande’s debut fragrance, Ari. The scent opens with raspberry and citrus notes, followed by a sweet marshmallow-vanilla musk beneath. Wear it to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or wherever else you like – this ultra-feminine scent is one no girl should be without. Fans of sweet concoctions may also enjoy Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million. Neroli, raspberry, and mandarin orange kick off the fragrance, with a subtle hint of honey in between. In a word – sweet! A blossomy floral center follows soon after, culminating in a honey-patchouli base. Perfect for those romantic date nights that require just an extra touch of sensuality.

Shop Your Favorite Raspberry Perfumes at Dossier

Summery and sweet, raspberry perfumes are the best way to indulge in the sweet fruit this season – short of packing your mouth full with bushels of berries, that is.

Whether you’re looking for a new signature scent or simply want something new in your collection, Dossier’s juicy line-up of raspberry perfumes is sure to have something to catch your fancy. All our fragrances are formulated with the purest, most natural French ingredients. Exquisitely simple and beautifully refined – the epitome of affordable luxury. Get yours today.

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