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Candle with care.

Our candles are back and bigger than ever, thanks to YOU!

When we originally launched our candles, we quickly learned that– despite what we’d heard– sometimes size really does matter. Dossier was founded on the belief that luxury should be accessible to everyone, not just the 1%. That’s why when we heard our customers didn’t feel the size of the candles was proportional to the price, we decided to make them 3X their original size. That’s right: 2 wicks, 17.5 oz, and up to 40 hours of pure luxury is now yours to take home.

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We believe everyone’s home should smell like luxury.

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Our bestselling scents are back with a new glow. We always use non-toxic 100% vegetable wax and never cancer-causing paraffins (the cheap stuff). Our candles are vegan, clean, cruelty free, and evaluated in Paris for the highest quality standards and ingredients. Because our formulas avoid using additives (stabilizers, texturing agents, etc.), you may notice some irregularities in the color or texture of the wax during use. Don’t worry though, this is just an indicator that you’re getting only the purest natural ingredients possible

Discover a new favorite scent or rekindle an old flame. It’s about time the candle industry kicked parabens, synthetics, and colorants to the curb.

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Listening to your bright ideas.

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The main reason we gave candles a go — is you. Launching a product line is no small task, but we’re glad we listened because the result is truly a fire new item. Don’t get burned by celebrity endorsement fees or pricey packaging. Affordable, luxury inspired candles have arrived.

We only source our candle ingredients from Grasse, the world’s perfume capital on the French Riviera. While complex perfume aromas evolve over time releasing top, middle, and base notes, candles release in a linear pattern with a few main characteristics. Less forward and present. More subtle and permanent. That’s because it’s lit: The flame mixes with the wax and affects our scent perception.

Why gender neutral? Because it’s like a perfume for your house. Don’t overthink it. Find a new flame and start giving off good vibes and serenity in the air.

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Behind the scents.

A little playing with fire was essential to finding our perfect formula. We tested nearly 40 candles for each scent before making final selections. Our perfumers guided scent creation and modification to roll out 4 top candles with the closest match to our luxury inspired perfumes.

Our oils are developed in France like fine fragrances, then made in America. To validate the quality over time of the candles, we conducted a stability oven test at 98° Fahrenheit for 2 weeks to accelerate the aging process.

We test our candles cold — to make sure they smell like the inspired by perfume — and hot — to see how the scent progresses. Then we do a final burn test before they’re ready to go from our labs to your living room.

Tips and wicks..

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Tip #1: First burn.

Your first burn should last 2 to 3 hours. Let the wax melt all across the top surface. Anything less than that will create a tunnel effect where a hole forms in the center. A long first burn will also prevent hot wax from extinguishing your flame in the future. The scent of your candle will be stronger during the second lighting.

Tip #2: Trimmed wicks.

Hold that match! Before burning, cut your wick to about ¼ inch. This will avoid soot buildup. If you see your wick leaning, use tweezers to center it while the wax is still hot.

Tip #3: Safe storage.

Keep your candle out of direct sunlight. Ideally, your room should be 60° to 80° so your candle is not too hot or too cold — but just right.

Tip #4: Burn time.

Each candle has a total burn time of up to 40 hours before all of the wax is melted.

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