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Your favorite perfume, now made for your room!

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Express every version of you with a diffuser for every mood.

Are you ready to experience your favorite perfume, designed specifically for your room? With Dossier’s room diffuser collection, you can fill any space 24/7 with the smell of luxury.Shop Diffusers
How to use room diffusers

Sticking to the basics.

  1. The perfume diffuses in its environment by a natural and gradual evaporation through the wooden sticks.
  2. The oil concentrate is diluted in alcohol, just like your favorite EDP or perfume is.
  3. The formula of each diffuser has been reworked to both comply with the air care standards and to function optimally when used with wooden sticks.
  4. Our diffusers are formulated for safe and stress free sniffing, no additives necessary.

How to use


Setup is easy

Place the reeds into the fragrance, sit back and relax as the smell of luxury fills the room.

Keep it fresh

Turn the reeds over from time to time. Doing this every 2-3 days will improve the diffusion of fragrance in the room.

24/7 luxury

For every 100ml diffuser, the fragrance will last at least one month when used continuously.

Hip pause

Reeds can be removed to "take a break" from the scent, and put back in the fragrance whenever you want. Save it for a special occasion or keep the good smells flowing 24/7, it’s up to you!
Room diffusers image difference between candle and diffuser

What’s the difference between a candle and diffuser?

  1. Usage: While candles are often saved to light during specific moments in your day, room diffusers consistently project their fragrance to fill the room they’re in.
  2. Scent: Candles reflect the core of the perfume, highlighting the main notes of the fragrance. Since room diffusers are alcohol based (just like your favorite perfume), you’ll find their scent to be more similar to the original fragrance.

Get a scent for each diffuser: