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Dossier Originals

Fragrances unlike anything you’ve smelled before.

It’s likely that the first thing you heard about Dossier is that we replicate iconic designer fragrances, sold at prices people can actually afford without sacrificing the same luxury quality.

Now that we have over 80 fragrances under our belt, we feel confident we’re ready to create scents that are entirely original, unlike anything you’ve smelled before.

Our promise.

While the scents themselves may smell unlike any others in our collection (or any collection on the market today!), they’re still made from the same luxury quality ingredients, are vegan and cruelty free, and sold at fair and accessible prices.

And if you’re just looking to stay stocked on your favorite inspired by designer scents, don’t worry! They’re not going anywhere. At its core, Dossier will always be the fair alternative to luxury perfumes. We’re thrilled to be expanding into new areas to bring you even more luxury quality, accessible products!

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Experience fragrance designed with celebration in mind:

The Speakeasy Collection.

Our second Dossier Originals collection was inspired by 4 mouthwatering cocktails, minus the hangover. Instead of replicating the literal smell of these drinks, these perfumes encapsulate all the bubbly, warm, or even smokey sensations that come with every sip– or in this case, spritz!

This collection is a toast not only to the success of Dossier, but the people who have helped us come this far (that’s you!). We don’t just want to celebrate through this collection, we want to celebrate with you, our fragrance family.

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It’s time to raise a glass, or a perfume bottle, and cheers to:
  • Living in luxury.
  • Fine fragrance for all.
  • Celebrating together.
  • And most importantly…YOU!
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The Genderless Collection

Historically, fragrances have been categorized by gender. Floral, sweet gourmand, and fruity notes were dedicated to women, while aromatic notes were assigned to men…but why? Unfortunately, it all comes down to stereotypes.

Just as our understanding of gender has evolved over time, our ideas surrounding beauty and self expression should, too! That’s why we’re so proud to announce that our first collection of original scents were designed for everyone to enjoy– literally, everyone.

The Genderless Collection melds traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine scents to create unique, genderfluid perfumes for all.

Our goal has always been to make luxury accessible to all, not dictate what that looks like (or smells like) for you. You should never feel restricted in your journey to find scents that truly represent you and make you feel like your best self. Wear what you love because you love it. It’s as simple as that.

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