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Most Expensive Smelling Rich Perfumes in The World

What smells ‘rich’ is entirely subjective and will differ from person to person. Our brains process scents differently and send us vivid images based on these olfactory triggers. For instance, some might view a rich scent as an aroma that emanates money from every pore of the body – the scent of glitz and glamour. But to someone else, a rich fragrance could mean a scent that’s regal, gracious, and ever so elegantly complex. Yet the true zenith of the world’s most expensive perfumes comes from the clever use of beautiful, expensive ingredients that create an air of mystery. Think flower absolutes, sandalwood, oud, and ambergris. These exquisite substances, along with extravagant ad campaigns and fine, intricate bottle designs, are what distinguish high-end perfumes from lower-end ones.

For something rich and prohibitively expensive – we’d start with Le Labo’s Santal 33. Intoxicating blends of woods, spices, and leather give this unisex fragrance a sensual class only reserved for the affluent. Alongside it is Creed’s Aventus, a fruity chypre blend that undeniably smells rich (with a price tag to match). We’d also be remiss to leave out Chanel’s No. 5, a pricey fragrance owing to the amount of floral goodness required per bottle.

Cheap Perfumes That Make You Smell Rich

But smelling expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to shell out for a ridiculously expensive perfume. Not at all. Often, cheaper fragrances can be just as good as more expensive ones. The fact that the smell of wealth is partially influenced by biochemical alchemy is an exploit that perfumers all over have been taking advantage of. You can essentially fake your way into wealth using specific notes to come across as coiffed and generally very well-put-together. And it doesn’t matter either that these are the usually less expensive and less coveted kinds of perfumes – they get the job done.

For instance, cheap perfumes that make you smell rich are usually powdery, classic, floral, or downright chypre scents. Synthetic elements are used in generous amounts to contribute to the feeling of luxury and sophistication. Additionally, we often find aldehydes or violets, usually accompanied by white floral, myrrh, and frankincense.

Some of our favorite cheap but expensive-smelling perfumes include H&M’s Comoro Ylang Eau de Parfum, Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette, and Mugler’s Angel Eau de Parfum.

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