Fun Perfumes

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The Perfect Wear For A Day Of Adventure

What makes a perfume fun? That’s an excellent question. And perhaps it all comes down to what the individual enjoys. It might be a light, fruity fragrance that evokes images of a sun-kissed summertime; or a rich, floral scent that makes one feel glamorous and confident, ready to take on the challenges of the day.

But if you ask us, it’s any fragrance that makes us feel happy and carefree. It’s a scent that we can wear without worrying if it’s too childish or too mature. It’s a fragrance that we can enjoy without taking ourselves too seriously. In short, the perfect scent for a day of fun-filled adventure.

But what are the notes in a fun fragrance?

Wear bright and be merry! Fun perfumes are full of life and a buoyant joie de vivre. We tend to see rich, fresh florals that remind us of the joys of spring – the smells of a sunny, balmy morning. Many of these fun perfumes come with invigorating notes, like orange, grapefruit, bergamot, apple, plum, and berries. Also typical of these fragrances is a floral heart at the center, with notes like orchid, rose, peony, and jasmine.

Tips To Maximize The Longevity (And Fun!) Of Your Perfume

Smelling great lifts your spirits, providing endless fun and joy. These tips will ensure that you are always surrounded by your favorite fragrances.

Use on your pulse points – Fragrances are heat sensitive, so spritzing them on your pulse points helps release the scent better as the day progresses. Spray the nape of your neck, behind your ears, inside your elbows, wrists, and on the back of your knees.

Avoid rubbing the fragrance in – Rubbing a fragrance into your skin breaks down the chemicals, leading to the top notes of your perfume fading faster. This means your perfume won’t last as long as it should. If you can’t spray your fragrance, just dab it gently on your skin.

Concentration matters – If you’re looking for a fun, long-lasting scent, opt for an eau de parfum (EDP) or a parfum rather than an eau de toilette (EDT). Higher concentration blends tend to last the entire day, whereas their weaker EDT variations do not.

Reawaken Your Inner Child By Shopping Our Fun Perfumes

What better way to add excitement and fun back to your life than with these fun perfumes from Dossier? Whether you’re spritzing them on before heading out for a day of adventure, or simply enjoying a few deep breaths to relax and rejuvenate, these happy scents are sure to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step. Rekindle your inner child – shopping for fun perfumes has never been easier, or more enjoyable.