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What are the best scents to wear to work?

Generally, the best perfumes for the workplace come with subtle citrus or light floral notes. This makes them pleasant to smell and not too distracting for colleagues. Take white florals, for instance. They feature exceptionally bright and airy scents like tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley – scents that are enticing, fresh, subtle, and above all, far from boring. Or perhaps consider something citrusy, with notes like grapefruit, orange or lemon. These notes are lively and light. Plus, they come with the added bonus of reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

In an office with good airflow, you might even opt for a bolder fragrance with spicy, woody, and earthy notes. Perhaps a cologne with more musk or vanilla. Or something with a smoky, deep gourmand. Such fragrances tend to give off more of a powerful but controlled scent. In this vein, we also enjoy fragrances based on amber, which give off warm, rich notes that will keep you smelling amazing all day at the office.

What You Need To Know About Wearing Perfume For Work

Today’s professional men and women wear a variety of perfumes and colognes, from floral scents to spicy woods and everything in between. However, when first starting out, it’s best to err on the side of caution and go for a more subtle scent. Overly strong fragrances can be overwhelming and even offensive to some, especially if they are experiencing it for the first time. And you certainly don’t want your co-workers to think you’re deliberately mounting an attack on their nostrils.

So when it comes to making a great impression, remember that less is more. Next time you buy a perfume for work, perhaps even consider getting an eau de toilette. These are typically lighter and less concentrated than eaux de parfum and won’t be overwhelming in a small space.

A good perfume for work should exude professionalism and blend in seamlessly with the surrounding workplace environment and decor. Also, don’t forget to take cues from your outfit: if it’s light and breezy, opt for something green and fresh. If you’re wearing something really formal, perhaps something woodsy may better complement your style.

Find The Best Fragrances For Work

Whether you’re wearing it at the office or working from home, the right work perfume should leave you feeling confident, professional, and ready to take on the world. At Dossier, we designed our perfumes for work collection with the working professional in mind (you!). Inspired by the most beautiful scents, our perfume dupes for the workplace are an excellent choice for anyone looking to feel confident and stylish at work.

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