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Honeysuckle Perfume

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What does honeysuckle smell like?

Equal parts fresh and sweet, honeysuckle perfume oil is heady and nectarous, almost like a fantasy marriage of jasmine, honey, and vanilla. It’s a sensational scent, and one we can’t get enough of. It’s the sort of scent we naturally turn to when the weather warms and the mercury rises – a scent that feels right at home with sultry, summer breezes and long walks on the beach.

Honeysuckle adds a fresh, clean air to fragrances. In addition to enhancing fruity blends such as orange and neroli, it can add a fresh green note to deeper blends such as vanilla or vetiver, or blend romantically with other white florals, such as tuberose and jasmine. But despite its popularity as a supporting note to a wide range of fragrances, don’t be surprised to find it as a lead note, as well. By itself, honeysuckle is certainly powerful enough to turn heads without being too overbearing.

Honeysuckle-Scented Perfumes

Like a breath of fresh air, honeysuckle reminds us of fragrances that are free, playful, and lighthearted. In that vein, Gucci’s Bloom Eau de Parfum comes to mind. This honeysuckle perfume for women is as natural, expressive, and individualistic as the flower itself. The fragrance is packed with jasmine, tuberose, and of course, honeysuckle. A vanilla-sandalwood base completes this lovely scent. For something a bit less mainstream, try Demeter’s Honeysuckle Cologne. As its name suggests, this beautiful floral fragrance smells of pure honeysuckle – nothing more, nothing less. This is a strong and intense fragrance, even if its longevity falls short. But you can still wear this perfume as is or layer it with other fragrances to create your own custom, long-lasting scent.

Those who enjoy honeysuckle perfumes will also no doubt find a home in Jo Malone London’s Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne. Featuring a fruity twist of – surprise – davana, this honeysuckle-rose fragrance is subtly sweet and warm at the same time. Perfect for wearing to just about everywhere, especially in the warmer summer months. Finally, the last honeysuckle perfume on our list is Estée Lauder/AERIN’s Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau de Parfum. Inspired after an afternoon in the sunny, azure Mediterranean, this vibrant mix features a bright citrus medley combined with an intoxicating floral bouquet.

Shop The Best Honeysuckle Perfumes At Dossier

These fresh, light, citrusy fragrances are an excellent addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. And if you’re looking for one, then look no further than Dossier. Choose from our wide selection of honeysuckle perfume dupes, inspired by concoctions from luxury brands like Jo Malone, Chanel, Gucci, and more. Plus, all orders come with free returns and free shipping (on orders of three items or more). Shop today.

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