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Pomegranate Perfume

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For those looking for a refreshing, elegant, and fruity aroma, consider dipping your noses into a bottle of pomegranate perfume. Whether you’re being wooed by its sweet-tart seeds or indulging in the scent of its ripe fruit, this gorgeous fruity scent is sure to leave you wanting more.

The pomegranate note has a fruity, sweet, and sour characteristic. It has been described as subtle, yet noticeably distinct from its fruity counterparts once you get a good whiff of it. In between, you’ll also detect some green powdery tones accompanying the sweet, somewhat vinous scent of the seeds. Generally, we find it light enough for layering with other scents and perfect for daytime wear.

Pomegranate Perfume

What are some popular pomegranate-fueled perfumes?

Because they’re considered niche fragrances, pomegranate-centered perfumes can be hard to come by. Here are a few of the more popular pomegranate perfumes to get you started.

Dark and mysterious, Jo Malone London’s Pomegranate Noir is at the top of the list when it comes to pomegranate fragrances. This concoction brings together juicy pomegranate with raspberry and plum, while spicy pink pepper adds a touch of heat before settling into a creamy Casablanca Lily and spicy wood base. Next is Versace’s Bright Crystal, a soft and luminous floral-fruity fragrance. The scent opens with a distinct fruity pomegranate note, followed by a heart of magnolia and peony that gives the overall composition a slight gourmand aspect. Floral, woody, and not overly complicated – this pomegranate scent may seem innocuous at first, but its unassuming sophistication may still surprise you in the end.

Rich in sensuality, Calvin Klein’s Euphoria is a pomegranate perfume that speaks to the woman who craves a change of pace. And change she’ll have, with Euphoria’s blend of exotic pomegranate and persimmon flavors, combined with seductive floral notes for a rich, creamy, sensual signature scent. Also, check out Marc Jacob’s Pomegranate Splash, featuring pomegranate, bergamot, and mandarin oranges for a fruity opening kick. A floral heart and musky dry down add ample character to its enthusiastic opening. Perfect for the bold, young woman ready to take on the world.

How To Apply Pomegranate Perfume Correctly

Pomegranate perfumes smell wonderful, but like any fragrance, they should be applied properly to achieve maximum results. Follow these steps, and you’ll be spraying your pomegranate fragrance like a pro in no time:

Apply directly to pulse points – Pay attention to your pulse points, which are normally the warmest parts of your body. Your body heat will act as a natural diffuser for the scent throughout the day.

Get your layers on – Each layer builds on the last, creating a unique fragrance that’s sophisticated, multi-faceted, and well-balanced. Pomegranate scents tend to be quite sweet, so you’ll want to pick something less overwhelming to layer with, like floral or citrus notes.

Shop The Best Pomegranate Perfumes At Dossier

Nothing beats the smell of pomegranates on a cool autumn day – it’s both rejuvenating and uplifting. Browse Dossier’s collection of the best pomegranate fragrances, and take advantage of free shipping when you purchase three or more 1.7 oz (50 ml) bottles in one order.

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