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Green Verbena
Inspired by Creed's Green Irish Tweed

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Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz

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Vegan | Cruelty-free | Clean ingredients

Green Verbena opens with a fresh, peerless, expressive combination of verbena, peppermint and green leaves. The heart of the fragrance continues in the same spirit, with the astonishing pairing of violet and the aquatic nature of orris, subtly supported by a woody ambery accord.

Refined yet casual, vintage yet eternal, Green Verbena is as effortlessly masculine as an English gentleman's country tweed.

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Green Verbena

A Timeless Scent for The Modern Man

Fougères are well known for their savory spices and woody notes, making them a popular designer fragrance choice. Green, aromatic, and incredibly fresh, Creed’s Green Irish Tweed fits right into this category. Natural woodiness meets pure masculinity in this delectable concoction that never strays too far into overwhelming territory.

A masterpiece by the legendary Olivier Creed, this fragrance is definitely one of the best ever created by the Creed house. In retrospect, this was the scent that set the Creed house on its skyrocketing trajectory, propelling it to the top of the olfactory charts during its release back in 1985.

The old adage holds true: a classic never goes out of style. Similarly, Green Irish Tweed is a timeless classic, effortlessly relevant, and impeccable. No surprise, then, that Creed Green Irish Tweed is still one of the oldest fragrances produced and sold worldwide today.

Creed Green Irish Tweed opens with aromatic lemon and verbena, perfectly cooled down with a hint of peppermint. We’d describe the scent as mossy and earthy, with a citrusy kick provided by the lemon verbena. What we like most about this fragrance is how nicely it settles into its heart – transforming into an incredibly refined and elegant aroma that’s very easy to like. Also present in an arrangement of geranium and lavender that helps create the classic fougère structure. To finish it off, a deep, rich cedarwood scent is sprinkled over bright oakmoss, creating a scent that’s at the same time uplifting and distinctly forest-like.

Creed Green Irish Tweed shares several similarities with another iconic scent – Creed Aventus. These are probably the two most popular perfumes from the French perfume house today. And one question we often get is: which one should I pick? How would you rank Creed Green Irish Tweed vs. Creed Aventus?

Both fragrances smell strong and masculine while remaining fairly woody. But that’s about where their similarities end. For one, Aventus smells sweet and citrusy. On the other hand, Green Irish Tweed comes across as fresh and woody with fewer sweeter notes.

This scent profile makes Creed Aventus an excellent choice for any weather and any situation. In contrast, we’d save Creed’s Green Irish Tweed cologne for cooler weather (think spring) or evening dates since it has a more mature, refined scent.

Creed perfumes are some of the most sophisticated fragrances in the world, and Creed aficionados claim they’re impossible to dupe. Whether or not that’s true, what we do know for sure is that Creed perfumes are, of course, super expensive and out of reach for most people. So, what’s a Creed devotee to do when he or she wants Creed’s signature Green Irish Tweed but can’t justify the $320 price tag for a 50 ml (1.7 oz) bottle? Try this: Dossier’s Green Verbena. Our Creed Green Irish Tweed dupe gives hints of woodsy and earthy smells, reminiscent of the original fragrance, but for only a fraction of the price. Discover our Creed Green Irish Tweed dupe for a powerful, elegant, and effortlessly masculine fragrance.

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