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Fall Perfumes

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Fall is upon us, and with it, the season of pumpkin spice lattes, cozy scarves, and fresh falling leaves aplenty. The crisp fall air gives us an exciting whiff of new perfumes to indulge in, along with a bounty of delightful scents – from spiced, fresh fruits to musky, woodsy scents emanating from a dark hearth.

Woody Sandalwood Inspired by Le Labo Fragrances' Santal 33 - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance
Fougere Oud Inspired by Tom Ford's Oud Wood - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance
Powdery Coconut Inspired by Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance
It's back!
Ambery Cedarwood Inspired by Mugler's Alien - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance
Spicy Vanilla Inspired by Tom Ford's Noir - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance
Spicy Mimosa Inspired by Jo Malone's Mimosa & Cardamom - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance
Floral Sandalwood Inspired by MFK's Amyris Femme - dupe knock off imitation duplicate alternative fragrance

Fall Perfumes

Fall Has Arrived, And What This Means for Perfumes

While summer and spring are more about light and airy notes, fall is about cooler temperatures and short days, which call for warmer and more sophisticated fragrances. In other words, it’s time to ditch the eaux de toilette of the yester season, in favor of the heavier, enveloping, and decadent scents of fall.

Fall’s quintessential aroma derives from a simple sentiment – a warm sense of nostalgia. Memories we associate with the change of seasons – memories of warmth and comfort and being close together – are what make the season so pleasurable.

So, when we are looking for scents that capture the essence of fall, we tend to look for warm and dry fragrances with rich, spicy, woody, or mossy undertones. Smokey and woody notes, in particular, are common among fall perfumes, bringing to mind images of snuggling around a flickering candle and sharing in the warmth of companionship. The same effect is achieved with rich, comforting scents such as leather, incense, tonka bean, cedarwood, and sandalwood. Additionally, we’re also seeing a surge of delicious fall perfumes that feature warm, mouthwatering gourmand scents.

Our Favorite Fall Perfumes

Fall is a time for cozy sweaters, warm fires, and pumpkin spice – but it’s also a time for changing our beauty routines to match the seasonal changes.

Make this fall one to remember with Chanel’s Gabrielle Eau de Parfum, a floral fragrance with a fairytale touch. This feminine fragrance expresses all that’s rich, green, and elegant about a woman’s style, featuring top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and an energizing combination of orange blossom and jasmine at its heart. For something decidedly more androgynous, give Jo Malone London’s Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense a shot. Here, vanilla notes work together with warm cardamom and earthy vetiver for a scent that’s powerful without being overwhelming. Those looking for something even warmer might also enjoy Tom Ford’s Oud Wood Eau de Parfum, a luxurious woodland scent with exotic, smoky wood notes including oud, sandalwood, and amber.

Explore The Perfect Fall Perfume Dupes at Dossier

As fall arrives in full force, you probably can’t wait to start making new memories. Whether you’re taking that exhilarating hike with friends or whipping up new ways to incorporate hot chocolate into everything – the right fall scent is sure to enhance everything you love about the season.

Discover our collection of perfume dupes this fall, inspired by iconic fragrances from Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and more. Whether you’re looking for a classic fall scent or a fragrance with richer notes like fig and sandalwood, Dossier’s vast selection of quality perfumes is bound to have something to appeal to you this season.

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